hello! my name is abby, nice to meet you.

currently, I am living in richfield, mn with my husband, Jake and my daughter, Everly. we just got married in June 2016 after four years of long distance from WI- CA...needless to say, we are stoked to be married and in the same place at last! Everly was born this past February. she is pure joy and has changed my world in the absolute BEST way. I've had the opportunity of capturing motherhood for so many and now I get to experience it for myself: WOW is it unreal! 

everyone who knows me knows i am obsessed with photos. I love the feeling of capturing a 'too good to be true' moment, but especially love reminiscing and storytelling when you get to look back through those beautiful stages of life. 

honestly, it is so special to be the one with the camera. to have the privilege of capturing the beauty in the ordinary moments and the most special days of your life so you can hold onto those memories forever!

when i'm not behind the camera, you will find me out hiking and exploring with my family or snuggling my baby girl. i may also be found eating macaroni and cheese...or perhaps a cheese burger...or maybe a pretzel with cheese (did someone say cheese?). i am passionate about Jesus and wouldn't be who i am today without His grace! i admire people who are honest and raw...so i may also be at a coffee shop for endless hours with someone just like that, losing track of time! 

so if you want to grab coffee, just want to chat, or you want to hire someone to capture the joy in your life...I'm your gal! thanks for stopping by, already looking forward to connecting with you.

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Abby Jean Photography LLC

Richfield, MN