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in the beginning...

hello everyone! if you are reading this...well first of all THANK YOU, and second of all, PHEW! what a journey it has been just to hit the ground! if you are reading this, the blog has been started and the website is officially up and running- HUGE things off that check list!! its amazing how much goes into starting up your own little business! never thought I'd find myself reading articles about using social media successfully to gain followers and get noticed or sign up for every free photography webinar that pops up, or join an online community of photographers from all over. honestly, it has all been very intimidating and there have been so many moments of worry, anxiety, and uncertainty. am I good enough for this? does ANYONE take me seriously? it's definitely a risk and quite the rollercoaster of emotions!

In March, my husband and I made our way to national camera to make the investment and take steps forward from my hand-me-down gear and purchase my very own, brand new camera (Nikon d750)!! let me say this: changer! it was incredible to see how sharp and bright and beautiful my images could be! I fell in love with photography all over again! but that didn't mean it was perfect after that... such a big investment definitely led me to worry if it will ever pay off! I've been praying God would give me comfort in this investment and throughout this journey. and WOW has He ever! in just the last week, I have had inquiries about maternity shoots, newborn sessions, family photos, senior portraits, and even dog photos! THANK YOU, JESUS! praising for answered prayers for comfort but also reassurance for the steps I am taking!

so for those of you still reading, here is a second THANK YOU for your support on this journey. it's just the beginning and its big and new and scary and exciting! as you read blog posts, explore the website, and admire beautiful people I get to photograph...please feel free to leave feedback, advice, constructive criticism, and encouragement! thanks again and again!


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