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mini session re-cap

mini sessions this year were so sweet, an absolutely lovely and surprisingly refreshing weekend! last year, having never had a fall as a photographer before, I scheduled minis amidst the busiest time of the season and decided to pack in as many as I possibly could into one weekend! well...I survived to tell about it, but it wasn't pretty! back-to-back shoots all day long just to wake up and do it again the next day! I was physically and emotionally beat! I did my best to serve and love my clients well but I was exhausted! this year, I decided to make sessions a little shorter and give myself a little moment to breathe and the ability to really connect with and better serve my clients. the days were much shorter , scheduling only in times that allow for the perfect light I love to shoot in! overall, the mini sessions were wonderful and such an absolute perfect kickoff to fall!

I was so thankful to have so many loyal, returning clients this year! seriously, what an absolute gift it is to be able to capture your little ones as they are growing up! from one fall to the next, a lot changes! from kids going off to school or gaining new little siblings...its such a joy to be a part of your families in this way!! I was also blessed with new clients who graced me with their adorable little ones as well!

thank you to all of my clients who have shared your photos with your friends and families...its seriously becoming such a family for ME as I get to meet all of the people that YOU love most and be a part of their memory making as well! it has been such an amazing experience connecting with all of you, your friends and families! thank you for all of your encouragement along the way, too!


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