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my pregnancy + nursery tour!

As I am writing this, it's a classic Minnesota snow storm out my window. I am drinking tea and trying to convince myself to eat dates because I was told they're a good way to move you towards labor...and I am willing to try just about anything to get this girl out of me soon! I am 37 weeks in 2 days and then it is fair game, and I can't even begin to tell you how many prayers I have prayed for this baby to come at 37 weeks...I can be hopeful, right?!

I love being a motherhood photographer, I love capturing pregnancy, new moms and dads, and then getting to be a part of their lives as those kids grow up and add siblings to the mix! I feel like I have gained a new compassion and understanding for those mamas through pregnancy. Everyone talks about how hard it is at the end... but man, unit you live it, you can never truly grasp it! It's a classic mix between "SO worth it" and also "what the heck am I doing, GET OUT OF ME!!" and I know I am not alone in that! My pregnancy has been such an adventure! It's filled with so much beauty and also so much unexpected. There is a lot that you can truly never be prepared for through the process, you really can't compare your experience to anyone else, and in general your whole experience can be so vastly different! My first trimester and a half were bliss, disbelief, exhaustion and nausea. I ate an ungodly amount of toaster strudels because it was really the only thing that sounded good! We went on a big camping and hiking trip to Zion National Park towards the beginning of the second the future I would probably not do something like that until around 22 weeks!

Second half of the second trimester was pure magic. I remember crying that I wouldn't be pregnant forever, wanting to hold onto how incredible it was to bond with this little girl inside of me, kicking and rolling around. I kept thinking how sad I would be to lose this time...HA! I wish I could remember that feeling right now! Truly though, it was the best to feel so good, look pregnant but not huge, have so much energy and a little baby wiggling inside!

Right at the beginning of my third trimester my pelvis split...something I did not even know was possible! But apparently in the front of your pelvis is this strip of cartilage that loosens up during pregnancy to help make space for baby, makes sense, right? Well the relaxin hormone was working overtime for me it seems and my pelvis separated! This has been such a hard and humbling experience. I am thankful that I stopped working my full time job before this time as it's greatly slowed me down. Some days I am hardly able to walk, other days I am feeling okay just knowing my activity now I will pay for tomorrow. It makes it extremely painful to roll over, get dressed, get in or out of the car, and basically carry any weight at all. A humbling season for me learning to ask for help getting groceries, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc. This experience has made this last trimester really hard but I have been praying to stay positive and not let it get me down too much. So if any of you other mamas have dealt with SPD, I would love to hear about your recovery after delivery or if you are going through it now, to share things I have learned along the way!

So here I am...days away from the 37 week mark! I have made it through the first trimester nausea, the second trimester magic, and waiting in this 9 month pregnancy life! It's crazy to be at the point where she could truly be here any, tomorrow, or a couple weeks from now! We are so excited and the nesting bug has TRULY consumed my life. All of her clothes have been washed and folded in classic Marie Kondo style, the nursery has been organized and re-organized. The monitor is set up although she won't even sleep there for a while. The hall closet is stocked up with her fresh towels, shampoos, soaps, extra diapers, and about a million other tiny things. I seriously have run out of things to alas, here I am to share the goods with you all!

My original inspiration for her room (whether boy or girl) was eucalyptus. I have decorated much of our home with these gorgeous greenery. I love the color sage and think it creates such an earthy and homey atmosphere. I knew I wanted to press and frame some from the get go...and the rest has fallen into place along the way!

Crib: Wayfair

Sheets: Little Unicorn

Frames: Target

Once we knew that the baby would be a girl, I of course knew we would add pink but didn't want it to be "too pink" and remain very bright and white still. I have loved keeping everything white- the walls, the woodwork, furniture, rug, curtains etc. It really does keep this room so bright and warm! The pink pops come in form of added details in the sheets, curtain ties, toys, and even a salt lamp (just delivered and being added this week!).

This girl has already been so loved on by so many people. She has the sweetest start to her own little library, a darling collection of stuffed animals, too many swaddles to count, and hand made gifts from some very talented friends who crochet, knit, and even wood burning. I love these irreplaceable, home made touches.

Moses basket: Little Tadpoles

Stand: Jolly Jumper

Baby girl will sleep in our room at the beginning in this darling Moses basket, so simple and cute. These baskets can get REALLY expensive. Although I would love one of those fancy, intricate baskets that you can confidently carry the baby around in...this seems to do the trick just fine! And guess what? Only $25 at Walmart! I have already received a lot of questions about it and people continue to be shocked!! Nothing fancy but still cute AND gets the job done!!

I love this little corner! When we found out we were pregnant, we refinished this entire room. The walls, before, we squishy and insulated with newspaper from the 1930's! Cool but not entirely practical/safe! My husband and dad gutted the whole room last summer and we discovered dead space that we decided to use for this built in as well as a finished crawl space (not pictured but to the left of the chair) for storage and likely a fun fort someday!! This rocking chair comes from my grandparents fun to have something passed down in her room! I continued the eucalyptus theme by making a simple little garland. Honestly, the easiest and cheapest decor! (I am more than happy to share how I did it if you have questions, too!)

This little space will be used for diaper changing station as well but for now we have that set up in our room since she will sleep there for a while! Theres the grand tour! I seriously loved this time to nest and dream and create such a perfect space for our girl. We have been super blessed to receive almost everything in this room as gifts, hand me downs, or free furniture with a little white paint!! The rug was found on facebook marketplace, too! It has been so fun to figure out how to work on a tight budget and use what we have to make the dream come true. Thank you to everyone who has contributed in gifts that have made this possible, too!

Now hopefully there will be a very fun blog post soon involving pictures of my own little girl! I would love prayers for this time of waiting, for a safe delivery and healthy baby. I am so grateful for all of you who have shared stories and advice and tips along the way! I have been able to connect so deeply with so many of you through this process and I am forever grateful :)

If you made it to the end, CHEERS! You deserve a medal....or perhaps some baby snuggles?!




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