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gender reveal party! its a....

As classic millennials, here we are planning a party to celebrate our unborn child to share with our close friends and family if we are having a little boy or girl!! As dorky of a party idea, it was seriously so fun to get together, decorate the house all blue and pink, make tons of cute and dorky treats and celebrate this tiny one!!

On Thursday, Jake and I went into the OB for our 20 week ultrasound and found out the gender there! I, of course, couldn't wait another moment and just had to know right away if it was a boy or girl! (props to everyone who waits to actually find out at their reveal!!). We were so excited and surprised but we also had a scare at this appointment as the doctor told us the baby had an irregular heartbeat! So, we ended up at another doctor for another ultrasound later that afternoon! Thankfully, after checking over and over and re-measuring everything in the baby, we found out there was nothing wrong and it could have been something as minor as a case of the hiccups! Our first big stress as parents...CHECK! I am sure this little babe will keep us on our toes for years to come!

On Friday night, my mom, mother-in-law, and 11 year old sister in-law came over and we had a blast dipping cookies and pretzels and strawberries in pink and blue chocolate! Creating cute displays and decorating the house! It was such a blast making this magical day come alive with all the most dorky and cliche treats!! Somehow, we managed to keep the secret between us and never let on to our family if its a boy or girl!

With a fully decorated house, our guests arrived Saturday afternoon for treats and to learn our big surprise! It was a perfectly chilly fall day and we were so grateful to finally have no rain! That afternoon I filled a giant box with balloons to share the news with everyone! I crammed as many as I could in there....soooo they didn't exactly fly out on their own as they were supposed to BUT it was still magical! I, of course, wanted all of the guests to guess the gender beforehand and we ended up being about 50/50.

When we finally released the balloons...there were TONS of screams and squeals and hugs! Friends and family FaceTiming in who couldn't be there all excited to hear the news! At last we could tell the world: ITS A GIRL!!

It was such a special night showering our little girl with love! It's seriously so special to us to have this amazing community of people around her who already love her so deeply!! She has already been spoiled with so many adorable gifts and notes! A very lucky girl she is, and very lucky parents we are!! So grateful to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and be a part of this magical day and incredible adventure!!


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