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[the johnson family]

meet Linus! just a tad over a year old he he's just learned to walk. and YES, it's as cute as you imagine! a little more like a waddle than a walk, arms always at the ready to catch himself if he starts going down, and sometimes a little tongue action to show his serious concentration! to say the least: adorable! but not just him...his parents too! they never failed to be giggling with their little man!

if we ever needed to get a little extra smile out of this little man, he was smothered in smooches from mom and dad or possibly tossed up in the air (one time just a little too high and I even got picture proof of his eyes widening as he flew!)

so thankful for the Johnson's! such a blessing to capture them in their sweet family moments but also for all of the encouragement they showered upon me throughout our session!

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