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[baby Henry and family]

For those of you who don't know me....I am baby crazy! And I don't mean it in a "oh cute, look at that baby!" kind of way. Its much more serious. I can't see a cute baby and not feel a dire NEED to hold it and snuggle it. Mind you, I work full time as a nanny...aka over 40 hours a week of baby snuggles. Plus, I'm never one to say no to babysitting after work or accepting a shoot where I just might get some extra baby love. That being said: meet Henry! 6 months ripe and just as cute as a button! Back in high school, I used to volunteer in his moms, Gretchen's, classroom and now, 7 years later, I was lucky enough to photograph her new baby and family! Gretchen's sister lives in Australia, so while she was in town, we made it a full family affair!

And for those of you wondering, YES, I did indeed get the baby snuggles throughout this shoot! We explored Minneapolis, right in their neighborhood! How cool for little Henry to always have these little snap shots to his life and his first home!? So grateful for clients who are willing to brave the cold- and 90% chance of rain, to make these moments come true! Despite the occasional drizzle, a bit of a chill, and being woken up over and over again between locations...sweet Henry was a champ and we have so many lovely images to prove it!!


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