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[daniels family]

it's times like these you realize how fast time flies. cliche, but seriously....the youngest daughter in this family wasn't even a year old the last time I saw her! and now she's in middle school! as I said....time flies! I met the daniels family at the church I grew up in. it was a tight knit community and, well, I was the 'baby girl'. I was always holding someones baby! and Carly just happened to be one of those littles in my arms! I showed up to this shoot thinking there was no way that the kids would remember me...but it turns out I am forever burned into their minds as that baby girl! being a full time nanny for a baby didn't really help my case either!

it was so great to catch up with the daniels family. to hear about the college endeavors, sports, and career dreams! we did this shoot over easter weekend and were able to have their out of town cousins join in for some fun! the forecast was rain....not just rain: hail, thunder, lighting. but luckily we dodged the storm! we were blessed with beautiful light and a warmth that was such a great surprise for April in Minnesota! we wrapped up our shoot when the sky became eerily dark and we saw droplets along Starring Lake! wrapped up just in time and captured some lovely images!


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