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[maternity: jonny + brittany]

it's quite comical writing this post right now because...well...brittany is no longer pregnant and has THE cutest little baby! but...we will save THAT for another post combined with sweet little newborn wrinkles!

but let me tell you about this maternity shoot! first off, brittany is one of my best friends. she is full of joy, she is a natural encourager, and one of those friends who is constant and consistent. she's a gem, thats for sure! not only that, but she has just the sweetest kiddos. sweet Oakley is just a few months shy of two...full of personality and persistence. for much of this shoot he was in my arms while we captured his mama's beauty...he wasn't thrilled! it was quite an experience with a little one screaming and kicking in one arm and a camera capturing a beauty in the other! the passersby were giggling at us! this session was full of laughs and pure fun! it's such a gift to capture friends through such beautiful times in life! and as I said...the new baby is just...well, the cutest! check back soon to see little Oakley as a big brother as well as jonny + brittany as parents of TWO little boys!!


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