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the nelsons | holden newborn

As you may recall, my dear friend Brittany was the cutest pregnant lady in the whole wide world. But wanna know something cuter than a pregnant lady? A newborn baby joining his beautiful family after 9 months of great anticipation!

Little Holden finally made his big appearance and life just isn't the same for his family! Not only did Jonny and Brittany become parents to two under two, but Oakley became a big brother! This little boy is in good hands and going to be a VERY loved little dude! Big brother is always giving him kisses wanting to be in his space. Amazing the love you can see in such a tiny human! But I will have you know, Oakley's on to me. You should have seen the glare he gave me when I pulled out my camera. Do you remember the visual of Oakley and me in the woods from the maternity photos? He definitely does. But despite the distrust of the camera, and maybe the lady behind it, he was proud to show off his new baby brother and smother him with love!

Brittany is one of those people who can do it all! And being mom of two little tinies? This is not beyond her! Its such a blessing to watch your friends not only become moms, but to thrive as the grow and love on an even deeper level! And there is just something about a dad with his kids. It just makes your heart burst to see such a soft and endearing side of them. I love to watch this family as they work together to discover their new normal with sweet Holden joining the Nelson clan!! Jonny and Brittany, thanks for letting me capture your joy!


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