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As I have said many times before, I'm baby crazy. I love kiddos so much and somehow just can't get enough! For my "day job" I work full time as a nanny spending my days on walks, at baby music class, changing diapers, repeating the same words over and over again, and rejoicing in the "big moments" that might seem like little things to an outsider. It brings me SUCH joy to watch kids grow and especially to be able to have such a unique bond with the kids!

Something that makes the nanny life even more fun is having friends who are also nannies! One of my dearest friends and college house-mate, Erin, has been lucky enough to be nanny for sweet little Max! For the past 2 years as his nanny, Erin, Max, my nanny kiddos and I have been able to have various playdates and adventures together...meeting up at the library for story time, walks through the arboretum, and even running around Centennial Lakes Park!

Erin talks about Max like he's her best friend and her love and compassion for him is so admirable. These two have such a special bond filled with so many inside jokes. Taking photos of them while they play was just priceless. Most of the time filled with Max yelling "Nanny, chase me! Chase me, Nanny, chase me!". (and YES...he calls her "nanny"...oh my heart!!!)

After two sweet years, this week was their last week together. As a nanny, you grow such a special bond with the kiddo(s). It definitely makes saying goodbye extremely difficult. As a parting gift, Erin made Max a book filled with pictures and memories from their two years together. We decided to do some photos of them to add to this special keepsake! Something I am sure Max will hold on to for a very long time!!


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