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welcome home, Isak!

What an exciting past few weeks it has been! As always, a HUGE thank you to those of you who have hired me as a photographer but also to my loved ones who have been such amazing encouragements to me. I cannot even begin to tell you how much your little comments on social media, your texts, and affirmation have meant! I am so excited about all that has been happening! I have been meeting so many new clients on email and facebook and now, suddenly, in real life! What an absolute JOY it has been to be a part of such intimate moments between families whether it be while running around a park, your brand new baby coming home, or just that rare moment everyone is home at the same time! I am so fortunate to call this my job!!

On the note of amazing and intimate things I get to be a part of…you will NOT believe the incredible opportunity I had last week! I still feel all welled up when thinking about this day and looking back through the gallery. Not long ago, Michelle reached out to me about capturing the home-coming of baby Isak. This little (adorable), resilient little man spent nearly 5 months in the NICU. And if that isn’t enough pressure on a family, they have 18-month old twins!! WOW, I am exhausted just imagining it. Between all the back and forth with baby and the twins, between home and the hospital, Isak would finally come home to join his big brother and sister.

When I arrived, the twins were running grandma and grandpa around the house but dressed OH so cute in their “big brother/sister at last” shirts. We sat on the couch, watching out the window for “mama” and “dada” to pull in! The moment they came through the door, baby Isak was smothered with kisses and love. Such joy to be there in such a special moment for a family. Knowing how long they had waited to have their little boy home just made my heart a giant puddle. As much as I felt like I could cry my eyes out, I was given strict instructions to hold it together so I didn’t set everyone else off! I may have shed a tear or two while editing!

This was such an incredible opportunity. Intimate moments in a family and such a gift to be invited into a home to capture such great and vulnerable love. This job…it fills me up! So grateful!!!


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