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the englund family

Have I mentioned how much I love this job?!

As you know, nannying is my full time gig and photography is something I have decided to leap into with faith in this extremely unknown territory. But Monday, ohhhh Monday, was a day out of a dream for me! (Not often that is something said about Monday, ESPECIALLY from me!). Memorial day meant no work for me and for a lot of other people, too! You know what that means? A FULL day of photos for absolutely wonderful people. It was just THE best day hopping from family to family, editing in coffee shops in between, and praying every chance I had for the rain to hold off during my next session…and it did! What an absolute blessing to be spoiled with gorgeous light and minimal raindrops!

Monday Mornings aren’t generally my jam, honestly. But starting it off with THIS? Worth it.

When you think 2 years old…you think drama, temper tantrums, etc. But let me tell you…Charlie just defied all stereotypes. You would not believe how wonderful he was! The smile never left his face and he gave me SO. MUCH. eye contact! When I was editing these images I was absolutely blown away by how often he was looking at me smiling despite running from here to there, jumping over sticks, and being tossed in the air! This dude is something else!

This family is straight up FUN. My husband and I have gotten to babysit Charlie a few times and they seriously rock. Little man is definitely going to have the “fun house” with the “fun parents” as he grows up! I mean, seriously people, they have a full swing set sized slide in their basement!! His parents are so hilarious and I can only imagine what Charlie will be like a few years from now… I did hear a rumor he’s already nicknamed “Chuckles”!


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