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benjamin: the most joyful one year old

You know those people you meet and instantly just feel like "you are my kind of person"? Well, that is exactly how I felt with Ashley. Maybe its selfish though because she made me feel on top of the world! Every word that came out of her mouth was beautiful encouragement. As I have ventured into this world of photography, I have fallen more and more in love with what I am doing... but also have realized more and more of what an absolute privilege it is to hop into someone else's world and capture their joy, their story, and the love in their intimate moments. When Ashley contacted me, she told me about the images she had seen of mine, the captured joy and her excitement for their own photos! It just makes my heart skip a beat to know "its working, people can see the love!".

I met up with Ashley and her sweet family bright and early on a Saturday morning before the day turned too hot and humid. We were graced with gorgeous light as well as a very happy, cooperative little man. Just a few days after our session, sweet Benjamin turned one! WOW- isn't he just a ham? I totally fell head over heels for him. So grateful for the blessing of such amazing families who have come into my life this summer!


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