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Maggie: and all that hair!

Lets just state the obvious: Maggie's hair is so amazing! I cannot believe this sweet girl came out of the womb looking like this! SUCH a gorgeous baby!

Meeting Allison and Javier was true blessing. Seriously, I love meeting clients I feel like I just click with and instantly feel like friends. It was such a gift to be in their adorable St.Paul home capturing the joy of their newest addition.

Maggie is just a tiny peanut, drowning in her newborn clothes! I would have stayed to snuggle her all day. But this girl loves her sleep...let me tell you! Apparently she has beautiful blue eyes...I wouldn't know, never saw them! We spent a good amount of time trying to wake Maggie up with no success! Of course, she woke up almost immediately after I left! But those fresh, sleepy newborn pics are always just to die for!

I mentioned their adorable house but haven't even touched on how lovely and thoughtful Maggie's nursery is. It is truly so gorgeous! Filled with beautiful hanging plants, origami mobile made by mom, hand lettered song lyrics from dad, mom's dried wedding bouquet, and above her crib...lyrics to their favorite worship song! Not to mention a rug right out of my wildest dreams!

Lots of love for sweet Maggie and her incredible family! Congrats to you guys on this precious little girl!


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