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Nolin Rose: my recent heart throb

okay, I have to be honest, I am pretty obsessed with this little baby girl. She is gorgeous and already seems to have a heart of absolute gold. Following her mom on social media literally gives me my baby fill every day watching sweet Nolin's smiles and little baby voice!

Maya and I went to high school. Its so crazy that now, 7 years later, she is married with TWO beautiful kiddos! Speaking of- her son, Knox is hilarious!! He popped in and out during the session, showing up for his time to shine and then back to playing trains. (oh, and a few added emotions along the way! haha...having a newborn sister is hard work people!)

Buddy and Maya couldn't be a more beautiful couple. Its amazing how they compliment one another through their differences. I seriously love lifestyle photography- I love the opportunity to just hangout with my clients and get to know them and see a little peek into their world. Seeing their homes, especially gorgeous newborn nurseries, and their lives in their safe space!

Speaking of gorgeous nursery...

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