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Jett Black....seriously, thats his name!

....and a solid name at that! No ones gonna mess with a little dude with a name like THAT! (or a mohawk like his, nonetheless!!)

The Blacks are an amazing family! Their sweet kiddos, Elle Jay and Steiner are such loving big siblings to this little dude! His parents are the absolute best. The kind of people who are above and beyond kind and their love for Jesus is just explosive! Hanging out in their home was such a gift! Not only did I get to watch them interacting as a brand new family of FIVE but I got plenty of baby snuggles AND they fed me pizza!

Sweet Jett....under a week old at this point, was an absolute CHAMP!! giving me loads of eye contact, gorgeous yawns, and just hanging out as chill as can be....I cannot believe he is real!


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