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the first COLD day!

...but you'd never know, right!? The day that I photographed this stunning family is was about 30 degrees outside. It's funny saying that was cold as its -10 as I am writing this, but at the time, it was drastic change! In classic Minnesota fashion, the weekend before was around 60 degrees and the weekend before that was high 80's. So hitting freezing was quite the shock to the system for me....let alone the littles!

Although the weather was less than ideal, I couldn't be more grateful for this family to trust me enough to show up to our session ready for anything! Kate is such an incredible mom. I loved watching her cheering on her littles and encourage them to show me their sweet and silly sides! With most kids, they need their time to warm up (literally and figuratively in this case!) and get comfortable with the situation! She and Stephen passed the kids back and forth for photos, warm up snuggles and to sneak in some fruit snack motivation! I know I already said how thankful I am that they trusted me...because things took a dramatic change not too long into our session. Those tiny hands and faces were freezing cold, the little noses dripping snot...all concluding in lots of tears! We moved quickly getting a few more family shots, hiding snotty faces, and thankful photos don't have sound. But we concluded our session sprinting to the heated car...but Kate never questioned me!

This last year I have met so many truly incredible families and I have been so honored the opportunity to capture their love for one another. I am forever grateful for clients to trust me to capture their genuine joy...even on the coldest of day! Despite the tears and the freezing temps this family has been captured in their truest love and beauty! Thank you so much, Hann family for choosing me and for sticking it out!


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