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Jamison: newborn lifestyle

There is something about motherhood that makes me want to cry happy tears all day long. I didn't know how hearing a birth story would make me feel so connected to a mother, I never knew that watching a mom and her newborn would fill my heart to overflowing. Since as long as I can remember, I've been a "baby person" and my wildest dreams are filled with my own little ones in tow. So it really is no surprise and yet I am in awe that I could be so filled in capturing these memories.

This year, I have had the absolute privilege of doing through life with Heather. I remember the day she told me there was a faint line on her pregnancy test and she just might be pregnant and us gawking over that line as every day it became less and less faint. From the very beginning of his little life, Jamison had my whole heart. For me, this was the first time I was able to hear about pregnancy first hand from start to finish. I loved learning all about the size of the baby, that the baby could hear, where the baby was facing, and watching him move.

When, finally, Jamison came out to meet us I couldn't hold back the tears. Heather shared the beauty and the pain and the absolute joy to finally meet her son. Motherhood, so intimate knowing this little ones movements inside you. Growing this child, loving this child before you even truly know them. And despite the pain, despite the waiting to know it was well worth the wait. What a treasure to be so deeply loved and valued.

Heather, you have been a true gift to me. Thank you for sharing with me in the ups and the downs of pregnancy and motherhood. Your love and devotion to your children is so admirable. I look up to you as a mother and I am so grateful for your example and strength.


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