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Ezra: lifestyle newborn

The first time that I “officially” met Annalisa, she was carrying around a big secret. We switched our meet up location because she ‘wasn’t feeling well’ but thought bagels sounded pretty good! A pretty clear sign of morning sickness if I’ve ever heard it! Upon just becoming friends in real life, I got to hear all the good news of this upcoming adventure of motherhood less than 9 months away! A few months later, we showered Annalisa and her soon-to-be son with gifts, with love, with encouragement and with prayer. Before you were even born, little one, you were covered with so much love and support!

Baby Ezra was finally born and I was so excited to meet him. Proud mom and dad posted the cutest photos showcasing the most darling swaddles, hats and letter boards. This baby is going to be so stylish. I couldn’t help but pine over his perfect, full little lips and to-die-for grandpa wrinkles! It really is the little things with those newborns!

When I arrived to finally meet mister Ezra, he was wide awake and so content; I love being able to document those sweet baby blues! He watched me and made such stunning eye contact with the camera! Oh, and the nursery; So intentionally decorated and created for this beautiful baby. The artwork over his bed was hand made by his talented mama praying the strength of the Lord over this boy since before his arrival! From the jellycat toys, the sheep skin rugs, and the precious swaddles- this is a baby haven! All of the intricate details in making this room his home.

Brian and Annalisa are such humble, honest people. Being in their home was so warm and inviting! I love watching first time parents learning their new normal even as that normal changes every hour. Lifestyle sessions allow me get in on the most simple and intimate moments of parenthood to capture these tiny things that you’ll never get back! From the peeling newborn skin and baby acne to the baby snuggling in to your chest as you steal a kiss or two. For me it is such a great honor to be chosen to be an onlooker in the creation of these precious times and making these tiny moments into memories that will last forever. Thank you both so much for inviting me into this intimate time of your life to capture your joy!


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