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Christmas with the Thompsons

This Christmas season was packed full with some absolutely stunning family shoots featuring Christmas lights, Christmas trees and those perfect winter hues. I am so grateful for all the families who chose me to be apart of their Christmas traditions this year including Ced and Charlotte.

This year was their sweet little Maddie's FIRST Christmas, a seriously exciting time for the family to create new traditions together! One thing they decided to do this year was to send out a Christmas card of the three (well, 4 if we want to include Kobe, their picture perfect pup!) of them! It was truly an honor to be able to be a part of this day and make this dream a reality. (And a huge thanks to Creative Label and Gradybug Designs for this wonderful collab opportunity!)

Usually when you think about a newborn session, you'd picture the swaddled, sleeping baby in mom's arms, right? Now what about a 4 month old? Usually wide awake and me, behind the camera, trying every trick known to man trying to get those baby smiles. This definitely happened BUT....Maddie decided she wanted to start our session with a little nap. I could not believe it! I don't think I have ever seen a baby her age fall asleep so quickly let alone sleep SO soundly. We used this sweet slumber to our advantage. And remember the "picture perfect pup" I mentioned? Oh, he didn't skip a beat!

I mean, seriously?! We ate up every moment of this as you can probably imagine! It was such a gift working with this family, getting to know their story as a couple, as parents, as followers of Jesus, as bloggers and vlogges, and their crazy NFL life. Want to see the whole production of these images from getting ready to the final Christmas card? Click here to see more:

And if you want to check out this stunning mama, her blog (specifically this session!) and follow along on her journey... check out:​


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