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thora mae: lifestyle newborn

Oh, how lucky I have been this winter! Although the temps have been well below zero, I have been so blessed to be keeping busy with my all-time favorites: Lifestyle newborn! Each session I leave feeling more and more in love with this so called ‘job’! Almost every newborn session, one of the parents will mention how I am ‘the perfect person to be a newborn photographer’…and truly, I feel like I am recently discovering this for myself! When my hobby became a source of income but, in turn, became something so life giving…I knew God made me to do this! While capturing those little tiny babes and those who love them most, I am in my sweet spot.

Sweet little Thora Mae was no exception. Capturing her tiny rolls and chubby cheeks was pure joy! This little lady slept soundly for much of our session giving me so much time to get those little baby details! I always feel so mean waking up those perfect sleepers to change their clothes/swaddles...but she was such a little champ showing off her tiny leg muscles, giving some awesome stretches, and even those perfect newborn sleep smiles!

Thora has the sweetest little nursery compiled with the cutest antique chair and an antique dresser! AND…they are YELLOW (my favorite color)!! A little envious of this little lady’s gorgeous furniture! Lifestyle sessions are so wonderful to really get to know people- I love seeing every family’s style and learning more about their story through what’s in their home! Karina and Josh shared so much life with me: from hilarious honeymoon stories to homeowner’s advice they have incredible stories to tell!

Watching first time parents discover parenthood is so sweet. I loved hearing their hopes and dreams to continue doing what they love and teaching Thora to love them too! She has incredibly adventurous parents who love to travel, camp, and hike. Something tells me, by 6 months, she will have already learned about sleeping in a tent and be a natural in the hiking backpack! I love the adventurous spirit in Karina and Josh and their excitement to make new memories as a family of three.

Thank you, Karina and Josh for allowing me into your beautiful home and meet your even more beautiful babe! I am stoked for you guys as you continue to find your new normal as PARENTS! Soak up every ounce of her and those truly PERFECT cheeks!


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