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baby Gus: lifestyle newborn

this family has such a special place in my heart! I met them before their first son, Leo was even born interviewing to be the nanny for that not-yet-born baby! I was the lucky girl who got to hangout with sweet little Leo each day while his parents went to work! He and I filled our days with so many adventures getting to know his darling neighborhood and just about every free kid activity in town. This little boy is pure joy, he feels big emotions and loves fiercely. My heart: completely stolen by this handsome dude!

Its crazy to believe that this "not-yet-born baby" is now over two years old, speaking both English and Spanish, running and climbing, golfing and biking, but yet loving so deeply. And not long ago this sweet little boy gained a new little brother who will now experience that fierce, brotherly love his whole life.

Tiny Gus is just as cute as they come. His tiny little legs with those perfect rolls, his smooshy belly, his lips and nose that make him look JUST like big brother. Gus is so chill, happy as a clam to be snuggled by Leo, to be kissed by mama, and rocked by dad. It was such a joy to finally meet this new little one and fall in love with yet another perfect baby!

Courtney and Luke, thanks so much for inviting me to capture these beautiful memories for your family. I am so excited to get to know and love on little Gus as he grows! Watching Leo become a protector and best friend to Gus will be so beautiful and challenging... but I am positive this little baby is EXACTLY what you needed before you ever knew him!!


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