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baby graham: fresh 48 newborn

Last week, a beautiful new soul entered our world. I lost sleep for days awaiting his arrival and i have cried countless happy tears many times over the last 9 months! But the day finally came and my heart could hardly handle it…heck, I’m crying already and I am only 2 sentences into this blog post…

I remember this moment so clearly. Sitting on the floor in my friends playroom talking with Abbie while our husbands were cooking dinner for us. For some odd reason, I wasn’t questioning why they were cooking and we weren’t even helping. But as we sat there, Abbie made some joke about us having a baby and me saying it’ll definitely be them first. I remember the look on her face clear as day and her response, so simple, “yeah, we are! We are pregnant!” Me: INSTANT tears.

There is something about motherhood that makes me cry whether I know you or not. Something about that life change that’s so beautiful, so profound, so lovely, and so trying. And if complete strangers can bring up all these emotions in me, it’s a wonder I even survive my friends becoming moms!

Abbie was a nanny when I met her, so I have seen her motherly love flowing onto kids who aren’t even her own. I have seen her with her darling niece and the way she gushes about her and loves her like a tiny best friend. So that simple “we are pregnant” brought so many months of excitement and questions and joy through the planning and preparation! And to make it all just thaaaat much more exciting: baby was due ON MY BIRTHDAY. For real!!!

The best birthday message I received was news that Abbie was all checked in at the hospital! Baby didn’t make his grand appearance till the next day but it was still such an exciting day! Dan and Abbie didn’t find out the gender, so it was a huge surprise to all when Baby Graham was….well…a BOY! And oh my, is he so sweet, so beautiful and an answer to so many prayers!

Abbie and Dan, I am so so excited for you and so proud of you guys! Graham, I cannot wait to get to know you and learn more about who you are as you grow. You are so very loved, little man.


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