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Dear Sam: letter to a newborn baby

Dear Sam,

It was such a pleasure to meet you, only a couple of days old and my love for you was explosive already! You are one seriously loved and treasured little boy. Your parents and brothers have waited for you for so, so long. We have talked about the ‘some day’ baby since I met your family over 4 years ago. You are an answer to many prayers, little one. And I can guarantee you will continually be worth it and be more than anyone could have imagined!

You have the most wonderful big brothers. They will love you fiercely, they will defend and fight for you, they will also probably drive you nuts. Alex will probably snuggle you a lot and then also teach you to be naughty. But he will bring out a sense of wonder in you, teach you to take risks and explore. Zach, on the other hand, is already reading stories to you. I am sure he will do art projects with you and bring out a creative side of you! They are the best, I truly cannot wait to see who YOU become.

Your parents are the most kind and humble humans I’ve ever met. Your dad has even been known to let me take the place of “second parent”. Just call me if you see a need to be filled and I will hike over to WI to visit you! Your dad is so fun and full of energy…perfectas a dad of THREE crazy boys! Your mom is so compassionate and loving, she is patient and filled with grace. The way she loves you boys is what I truly aspire to be.

Little Sam, I cannot wait to know you, to learn the ins and outs of who you are, what you love and who you become. I pray for you to feel safe and loved in your family and for God to be near and evident to you as you grow to connect with Him…that you will learn who He is and find strength in Him and the name you have been given, too!

Love you so much little one.




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