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Cohen: lifestyle newborn

I just have to say, this session stole my heart! for obvious reasons like a bueatiful family, a spunky toddler and a tiny baby with perfect cheeks and double chin! but also because WOW, you guys! winter has been LONG!! I am definitely starting to lose my patience with snow on the forecast and being all bundled every time I go out. And as far as photography goes...well, in Minnesota not a lot of people are begging to have their picture taken in the middle of the winter!! so this session just filled my cup to let the creativity pour out and capture my absolute fave thing: tiny little babies!!

and don't forget big sister...

those newborn sessions including big siblings are...lets just say, you never know what to expect! I have had screaming siblings, siblings who last no more than 3 minutes before completely losing interest...but then there's Rani. This girl is pure joy....she is completely obsessed with her little brother and also the cutest little show off you've ever seen!

All the while, sweet little Cohen is chill as a cucumber!

It's so fun to photograph friends. Ali, Cohen and Rani's mom, is one of my best friends sister. Thus, she is someone you feel like you know long before you officially meet. It's been so fun to get to know Ali and to see her beautiful life as a mom of these two cuties. It was my first time meeting her husband, Chris, and seeing them as a new family of FOUR! Their home is warm and inviting! Photographing them was so natural as they all loved on one another!

In this year, I am working to continue direct my photography business towards motherhood more and more. Photographing moms an their little is what makes me feel alive! Hopefully throughout 2018 you will be seeing lots more motherhood sessions, but until then, heres an adorable mama and her new little boy!

and of course...that baby boy and he's sweetest toes, his chubby cheeks and AHH! that chin! So much love in the details of a little newborn. Thanks so much, Chris and Ali for having me in your home to be a part of this special time for your family!


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