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Ella: lifestyle newborn

I love when my wonderful clients bring me even more wonderful clients! Last year I worked with an amazing family who recommended me to her brother’s family, who then shared my business with their best friends…and now THOSE friends have brought me to this beautiful family! Word of mouth seems to be the reason my business is alive! So thank you to all of my clients who hand out my card, share my website, write reviews, share and tag on social media and refer your friends and family to me! It means SO much!!

Walking into Amy and Mitch’s home last weekend, I was in absolute heaven. My goodness, their home is so beautiful! Beautiful rugs and sofas, a stunning dining room set, giant windows…and all this topped off by a sweet, chunky baby girl! Little Ella showed off so much for me! Mom and dad worried she may be fussy, but this girl was just happy as a clam to have her picture taken! But don’t worry, I did still get in my baby snuggles! The best part of baby fussing…sneaking in a little time with the babies in my arms!!

I feel like I say this in every lifestyle session blog post…but truly, these sessions make me feel so alive! It is such an intimate experience to be welcomed into a home in the midst of a crazy transition for the whole family. Then to be there capturing such fleeting moments from the little yawns and smiles from the new baby but then the faces of mom and dad amidst discovering their new little one. This time goes so quickly and those babies are changing so much each day…its such a joy to be able to capture this time to help you make the memories ones to hold on to forever!

Thanks so much, Amy and Mitch, for allowing me to come into your beautiful home, snuggle your little girl, and capture your life as a new family of THREE! Congrats again on your sweet little Ella!


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