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motherhood: tiffany + elin

“Motherhood is one of the most difficult jobs there is. It marks a new chapter in every woman’s story. It gives you a new strength in yourself, something you didn’t know was there until you had children. It also gives you a new sense of purpose and meaning in life. You encounter a love and passion for your children that you’ve never experienced before.” -Cassie Hilt

Documenting motherhood has become addicting already! The privilege to be a part of something so beautiful and breathtaking, a bond that is so deep and indescribable. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have met up with Tiffany and her sweet daughter, Elin, to capture their love for one another!

Elin and Tiffany are attached at the hip! Elin always wants to be holding onto her mama and snuggled close to her! Obviously an absolute dream for me! These two in their tulle skirts brought spring alive!

Starting the morning bright and early, soaking in that morning light, and being spoiled by the perfect flowers all around us! I am so grateful for clients who trust me when I say….a sunrise session will be worth it!

Thanks so much, Tiffany, for choosing me to capture your joy and adventure in motherhood!


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