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laina: lifestyle newborn

Do I say this after EVERY newborn session….yes. but does that stop me from saying it again? Not a chance! I LOVE newborns! And I love their parents and the love that pours out of them for this little tiny human! I love the look on their faces when the little one yawns, or stretches, or….well, breathes! For goodness sakes, how is EVERYTHING a newborn does so dang cute?!

This week I had the joy of meeting little miss teeny-tiny, absolutely adorable Laina! She is the tiniest little peanut who decided, at 9 days old, to show off with lots of awake time filled with stunning eye contact!!

Sweet Laina is spoiled rotten already! Her parents are incredible!! Not only are they so kind, warm, inviting and filled with joy…they are seriously so cool! Being in their home was a complete inspiration! Every room is filled with beautiful, thoughtful details…and basically anything you ask about is home made! YES, my friends I met king and queen DIY themselves!

Laina’s nursery is seriously stunning! The walls, the rug, and all the décor so perfect compliment one another! And then there are all those details like her home made bow headbands and mobile and play center…(did I mention they rock in the DIY department?). I was (am) seriously so impressed and definitely inspired by their home!!

Corissa and Jesse, thanks so much for inviting me into your home and letting me be a part of this beautiful time in your life! You guys are such an amazing family, meeting you was a breath of fresh air! Cannot wait to see who your sweet little girl becomes!


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