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Gabrielle + Sloane: Motherhood

For mother’s day, I ran my very first giveaway on Instagram offering a free motherhood session! Gabrielle was the winner of this session and WOW I am so grateful to have randomly chosen her name from a hat! I instantly felt so connected to this wonderful lady! From our first messages on Instagram telling her she won and her immediate excitement, to our planning texts, and then to actually meet her and spend time with she and her gorgeous daughter! She is a lover and encourager at heart….I’m telling you, she is infectiously joyful!

When I asked Gabrielle if I can share some of the images of her nursing Sloane she was so excited and said “nursing her is one of my absolute favorite thing, why not share them?!” wow, what an honor to capture such an intimate time between a mother and daughter! PLUS, we were graced with such beautiful early morning light shining through the trees! Sloane, although hungry, was so distracted with me walking all around her photographing this time! But I loved being able to capture their routine with her kicking feet and wandering hand…so sweet how every little one has different ways of bonding with mom during their nursing sessions! Now gabrielle can hold onto these little moments forever!

I am so grateful to clients who trust me! From the suggestions for meeting super early, to buying a new dress that makes you feel fabulous or even just allowing your intimate moments while nursing to be captured. Im so grateful for all my clients who take a risk with me…oh, its so worth it! Gabrielle didn’t bat an eye at 7am photos and obviously KILLED it in the dress department! All of these things creating the, truly, perfect environment for the most gorgeous mommy daughter photos!

Such an absolute JOY meeting you, Gabrielle! Thanks for letting me steal some snuggles with your PERFECT girl, for trusting me and for all of your kind and encouraging words! You are such an absolutely wonderful human, SO thankful to have met you!!!


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