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motherhood: anya + wren

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! I’ve been blessed with some time off work this week and next week! It has been such a lovely time to connect with friends, work on some projects and get the house clean! But also time to just lay on the couch and binge on Greys Anatomy (season 14 just added to Netflix!!!!) and not feel bad about the down time! After all, that’s what vacations for!! So if you’re looking for me this week, I may be frequenting Target, sitting for hours at a coffee shop with a friend, or maybe in a field with a gorgeous mama and baby girl!

I say it every time…I’m alive! THIS is what brings me to life!! Starting today with the BEAUTIFUL Anya and her perfect (and stubborn!) little Wren was more than I could have asked for!! The forecast was a bit rude, though, threatening rain every other time I checked! Thankfully, we had a gorgeous overcast morning in a stunning location!

Woodlake Nature Center has become one of my favorite spots to walk and explore…when I told Anya I had always wanted to shoot there, she jumped right on board! Woodlake allowed us to explore throughout the trees but also hangout in the flowers! Sweet baby Wren had no fear! It was so fun to watch her in the flowers with her mama!

I did mention she’s a bit stubborn though! When I first walked up to their car, Wren was full of smiles for me! The moment the camera came out, she was stone cold, little miss serious! And, of course, when she got back into her car seat…she gave me plenty more smiles! Such a little stinker! But seriously, you could never be mad at this face!!!

Six months of Wren and we had such a special time capturing who she is right now! I’m so lucky I will get to see Wren growing up and be there to capture the way she changes every few months! Check back in the fall for her 9 month pics to see how this little lady grows!! Motherhood sessions are so life giving for me. Seeing a mama love on her little one is such a beautiful sight!

Anya, thanks so much for choosing me to capture you and your beautiful girl! It’s such a gift to watch your bond with Wren! I hope you love this peek at some of our shots from today!! Cannot wait to see your sweet girl grow!!


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