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jochims family + maternity session!

I know I know, I say it every time: my clients are a dream and photographing their love brings me to life!!! This session was no exception! Last week I worked a super long week nannying….12 hour days, a 60 hour week in total! All the long days with little kids PLUS this pregnancy fatigue I honestly didn’t know if I could make it through the week! I caught myself wondering if I should postpone this Saturday morning session and just sleep in! WELL BOY AM I GLAD I DID NOT!!! This morning was the BEST jump start to the weekend!

Megan and I had been planning this session for what feels like forever…the perfect summer session to celebrate her sweet little Jack turning one and her baby girl coming this fall! I love connecting with my clients before our sessions and having that feeling of reuniting with a good friend the first time we meet in person! She and her husband, Jon, are seriously the most care free, wonderful humans to be around! They poked fun at each other the whole session and gave me the chance to capture their joy!

And don’t get me started on little Jack! Now HIS smile is just killer. He didn’t take long to warm up to me before spoiling me with the sweetest giggles and big, open mouth smiles! To top it all off….he has that perfect waddle-walk down with the zombie arms and full face focus! He is just too much! And boy does he love to snuggle up his mama!!

Baby girl will be joining their family this fall…so excited to see this perfect addition to their already lovely crew! Megan, I have to say, you could not be a more gorgeous pregnant lady! Loved capturing your glow and you carry this little girl! I am so excited for you and so thankful you guys chose me to capture this beautiful time in your family!

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