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Lila jo: lifestyle newborn

I'm a little late to the game on many of my blog posts! I want to send out a few quick re-caps for the ones i missed just to showcase some more images from each of these gorgeous sessions and the beautiful people I have the absolute privilege of working with!

Back in July, I met the most tiny and adorable little Lila Jo. honestly "morning" sickness was kicking my butt that day and I was feeling so incredibly tired. but oh my gosh people, Lila is the most perfectly tiny little human! nothing better to brighten your day than a 6 lb baby girl! this lady was drowning in her newborn clothes...just a darling little peanut! she was alert throughout our session letting me have the chance to capture her big, beautiful eyes!

Lila was loved on and snuggled up by her mom and dad! their home is so cozy and inviting, the dream to photograph! her room is the most gorgeous girl land with perfect shades of pink, accents of gold and the softest rug you have ever felt! this girl has is made! you can see the intentionality laced into all the details of her room, her mama definitely knows what she's doing!

i'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with such sweet and beautiful families and to be a part of capturing this amazing transition into life as a family of three! sorry again for the delayed blog posts... but thanks to all of you who have been following along!


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